What clients are saying...


"Hi Stephen, Thank you very much! We love our place, and really appreciate your assistance with the mortgage. You made it a breeze, and your explanations along the way were super helpful. Have a great day! Cheers, Andrew"


"Hi Jerry, We are settling into our new home, and we wanted to thank you for all your help and hard work in getting us into this place -- we couldn't be happier :) It was our first home purchase, and you helped make it a lot easier with your quick responses, clarity and information that you shared with us. All the best"


"Hey Stephen! Just wanted to let you know that everything went perfect today! I also got a great deal for home insurance from IQ...way better than BCAA! Thanks again for all your help in this process, you made it so easy and understandable for me. I seriously was freaking out with this other broker before I got in contact with you and Jerry, so you guys sure turned it around for me! I'm sure we'll be in touch soon for any follow up/mortgage things. Thanks again!!!!"


"Brilliant Jerry, that's awesome. Thanks so much again for everything - we would have pulled our hair out a bunch of times without your help. I can't tell you how much we appreciate it. You'll have our very enthusiastic recommendation to any of our friends looking for a mortgage!"


"I just want to say thanks. From the first phone call to the end of the process you made things seem easy. Thanks again for everything."


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